Shop Online, Pay with Cash at Coinstar

No fees.   No credit cards.   No paperwork.   No hassle.

We're reinventing online shopping. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Shop Online

Use Cash Online

Simply go online to find the stuff you want to buy. Place it in a shopping cart and calculate the exact payment amount, including tax & shipping.

Pay Cash, No Fee

Use Cash Online

Go to a Coinstar® machine that accepts coins and/or coins and bills. Cash in your bills and coins for the amount you need. You'll get an eGift or gift card with a Special Online Code.

Buy Online

Use Cash Online

Return online to the retailer’s website and use the Special Online Code to order your stuff. It's that easy.

Millions of choices. Major brands & retailers. No Fees.

Millions of products from,, iTunes and other major online retailers and brands are just a Coinstar machine away. Whatever it is you want to buy online, Coinstar can help turn your bills and coins into online eGift or gift cards in the exact amount you need, with No Fees. Gone are the days you’d get stuck with a card with an odd amount you’d have a hard time using.

Pay with Coinstar Advantages

There are many. Number one is that Coinstar is Coinstastic™ because it lets you use bills and coins online. Your other advantages are:

No fees
No credit cards needed
No paperwork
Secure & Private
Major Retailers & Brands
17,800 Coinstar locations
Only $5 minimum

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