Coin to Card®

No fee when you cash in for an eCertificate or Gift Card.
Feel that No Fee Bliss!

Get that feeling of No Fee Bliss next time you pour your coins at Coinstar for a NO FEE eCertificate or Gift Card. That’s right, there’s no fee when you cash in for the brands you love. So grab your coins and change them into whatever you want.

Cash in for zip, zero, zilch.

It’s free. And there’s no need to roll, sort or count coins. Just choose Free Coin Counting and the eCertificate or gift card you’d like. Then cash in, keep it all. The Coin to Card option is that easy. And free.

Find a Coinstar Center® machine near you. (Brand selection varies by location.)

Meet our eCertificate and gift card partners

Remember, there’s no fee. Click on your favorite brands to learn more.

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