Coins to Cash®

You give us coins. We give you cash.®*

It’s almost too simple. We have coin machines all across the U.S. Probably in a store you already use. And probably one that’s open late. So pretty much when you want to cash in, we’re there to count your coins. Too simple? Or maybe just incredibly convenient.

How to cash in for cash or to reload a Green Dot® debit card

Simply pour your coins into the coin machine, get your cash voucher, then cash it in at the store checkout or use it for your purchases there. Be sure and check your voucher for special offers.

It’s easy to reload your pre-paid Green Dot debit card. Just swipe your existing card and load your bills or coins into the Coinstar machine where pre-paid Green Dot reloads are offered. Your funds are loaded to your existing card and ready to spend right away.

Find a Coinstar Center® machine near you

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