Hassle-Free Coin Counting

Would your financial institution like to take part in the $10 billion annual coin counting market? Coinstar can provide you with turnkey products that will strengthen existing customer loyalty, increase deposits, and attract and retain new branch traffic. Our kiosks are installed free of charge, no capital outlay is required, and cost is variable based on the total coin volume. The kiosks actually save time by freeing up your staff to focus on customers instead of on coin. Best of all, our machines have a 98% uptime and 24/7 support, making them practically trouble free.

Using our patented technology and broad product offerings, Coinstar processes over $3 billion in coin each year, making us not only the clear industry leader but the best coin counting solution.

A few program highlights:

  • Turnkey coin pickup and processing service
  • Coins are cleaned before they’re counted and most jams are automatically cleared
  • Your staff is freed from dealing with coin so they can focus on your customers
  • The highest degree of voucher security in the industry
  • Unlimited free technical support 7 days a week
  • Weekly and monthly accounting reports that are machine-specific

For more information please email FISales@coinstar.com